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David Jackson

David Jackson is a business student at the University of Florida. David's main tasks include building the website, growing the business, and operating as a drone pilot on the platform. In his free time, David likes to e-skate, play games, and spend time with friends.

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Christopher Silano

Christopher Silano is an accounting and entrepreneurship student at the University of Central Florida. Chris's main tasks include handling the financial and administrative duties, as well as helping David upgrade the website. In his free time, Chris likes to play the piano and drums, skateboard, and be with his friends and family.

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April 10th - 2021

David Jackson and Chris Silano open a business account with TD Bank

Opening of the Business Account

How it Started

Flo-Fly was started in early 2021 by David Jackson and Chris Silano. David came up with the idea of a network of drone pilots and a way to connect them with people needing aerial photography at an affordable price. This was influenced by his early desire for such a platform. In 2015 he bought his first drone and has since flown hundreds of hours but has had no easy way to earn money from the hobby. Flo-Fly seeks to be the answer David was looking for and with help from Christopher Silano they are making this platform a reality.

Business Mailing Address:

3600 Windmeadows Blvd Unit 32

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